China First Day Covers

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Terms: Payment with order. Visa/ Mastercard accepted. Please send all raised information. Satisfaction guaranteed. Prices subject to change and stock subject to prior sale. Please provide alternates in case some items are out of stock. We are always buying stamps, covers and complete collections. Send material or lists for prompt quotation and payment. Please contact us via e-mail.

SHIPPING/ HANDLING CHARGES: Domestic USA S&H charges will be added as follows: Orders upto $50: $1, $50-$100  $2, $100 plus: $3. Please add Insurance fees for  domestic USA: Upto $50 : $1.40,  $50.01 to $100: $2.70, $100 plus: $1.00 per $100 increment or fraction thereof.  Or, add $10.00 for Registration Fees.

Foreign orders: Add for Air-mail Postage: Orders upto $50: $3,   $50 - $100 : $4,       $100 plus: $5.  If Registered Post desired add $7.50.



PRC FDC Catalog No. Image Price USD
PRC FDC SC1363-4 $25.00
PRC FDC SC1691 $7.00
PRC FDC SC1711-15 $32.00
PRC FDC SC1716-7 $10.00
PRC FDC SC1718-20 $10.00
PRC FDC SC1740-7 $45.00
PRC FDC SC1764 $30.00
PRC FDC SC1765-72 $45/00
PRC FDC SC1776-7 $8.00
PRC FDC SC1779-84 $35.00
PRC FDC SC1786-7 $8.00
PRC FDC SC1788-9 $28.00
PRC FDC SC1792-7 $38.00
PRC FDC SC1799-02 $10.00
PRC FDC SC1811-2 $8.00
PRC FDC SC1816-9 $24.00
PRC FDC SC1821-2 $12.00
PRC FDC SC1824-31 $60.00
PRC FDC SC1832 $36.00
PRC FDC SC1833-7 $60.00
PRC FDC SC1845-6 $15.00
PRC FDC SC1847-9 $25.00
PRC Maximum Cards SC1847-9 $25.00
PRC FDC      

PRC FDC SC1951-4    on   2 FDCs

PRC FDC SC1955   Souvenir Sheet FDC

PRC FDC SC2045-7  Magnolias   FDC

PRC FDC SC2211 Souvenir Sheet FDC

PRC FDC      
PRC FDC      
PRC FDC      
PRC FDC      
PRC FDC      




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