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Item No. PHARG1:  1940s cover Expreso Buenos Aires to Santa Rosa, F.C.O., Pampa.  $10


Item No. PHARG2:  April 28, 1941 Registered Certified cover to Kansas City, MO from Santa Rosa, F.C.O., Pampa with many official markings.                                                  $15





Item No. PHAUST2: Australia Airletter July 1948, Roseville, N.S.W. to Mason City , Iowa. $12


Item No. PHAUST3:  Australian Defence Canteens cover, CDS 9 SE 1940 MIL P.O. Bathurst to Turramurra. Department of the Army Concession Postal rate.                        $18


Item No. PHAUSTRIA1: Military cover dated June 19, 1900 from Carlsbad to Munster, Germany franked SC #82, receiving postmarks in Leipzig and Munster on reverse and sealed with two crests in red sealing wax on the back.                                                                 $49



Item No. PHAUSTRIA2:  Late 40's British Consulate cover Drucksache from Innsbruck.                                                                                                                                             $8



Item No. PHBANGLA1:  15 march 1977 cover to Chittagong                                         $4


Item No. PHBAR1:  Cover, Bridgetown to Montreal, "Via New York" tied 1d. carmine. $12



Item No. PHBER2: BERMUDA 21/2p. ultra tied with  Apr 22  05 Hamilton Bermuda  cancels to Suffield, CT. Stamp appears  repaired                                                                                                                                            $24       

Item No. PHBER3: BERMUDA 1/2p. yel. grn. Masonic Cover tied with  Nov 17  1948 Hamilton Bermuda cancels to Brooklyn, NY.                                                                                                                                                    $12     

Item No. PHBER4: BERMUDA 1/2p. yel. grn  tied with  11 Jly 1946 Hamilton, Bermuda and 10 Jly 1946 St. Georges, Bermuda cancels to New York, NY                                                                                                             $8                          

Item No. PHBER5: BERMUDA  6p. vio. & rose lake  tied with  6 Mch 1952  Hamilton Bermuda  cancel and Bermuda Aquarium, One of the World's Finest to Mass.                                                                                                      $8        

Item No. PHBER6: BERMUDA   6p. vio. & rose lake  tied with  16 Jly 1947  Hamilton Bermuda  cancel and Bermuda Aquarium, One of the World's Finest to Milford, CT                                                                                             $8       

Item No. PHBER7: BERMUDA   6p. vio. & rose lake  tied with  3 Dec 1939  Hamilton Bermuda  cancel and Bermuda Aquarium, One of the World's Finest to Millville, Penna.                                                                                         $12        



Item No. PHCAN1:  Canada C1 on Hotel Vancouver cover Oct 30, 1928, Vancouver B.C. to Kansas City, MO.                                                                                                     $10


Cape of Good Hope

Item No. PHCGH1: Cover, May 1 1900 to Montreal, tied 2 #60                                                                                                                                                                                $10
Item No. PHCGH2: Cover, DE 2 1900 to Montreal, tied #60  & receiving Montreal '00' cancel.                                                                                                                                 $10
Item No. PHCGH3: Cover, Aug 3 1900 to Montreal, tied #61   & receiving   Montreal '00' cancel.                                                                                                                             $10



Item No. PHCEY1: Commercial Cover, Colombo to New York, 27 May 1948                $10



Item No. PHCEY2:  Cover with multiple KG V 5c, Colombo to Montreal.                     $20
























Item No. PHEGYPT01: 1952 King Farouk  overprints cover to Manchester, England.  $7



Item No. PHFRAN01: Very Old, rare and unique cover 1868 to Siskiyou County P.O. in California.                                                                                                                      $85

Image                           Image Back


Item No. PHFRAN02: Lille to Bruxelles 1891 postcard.                                                 $20



Item No. PHFRAN03:  Scott #118 Bisect on cover. 20c brown vio. Rights of Man      $200



Item No. PHFRAN04:  1936 cover, seine et Oise to Richmond, Virginia                        $35



Item No. PHFRAN05:  1937 Concarneau postcard to Richmond, Virginia                     $20

Image         Image  Back


Item No. PHFRAN06:  1948 Commercial Cover  to Granby, Canada with multiple Mariannes 4f and 6f.                                                                                                        $12



Item No. PHFRAN07:  1946 cover to Drome.                                                               $8



Item No. PHFRAN08: 1953 Commercial AirMail cover to New York City.                  $18



Item No. PHFRAN09: 1926 Return Receipt ? with multiple stamps and interesting Lweipzig & Strasbourg cancels.                                                                                                     $28



Item No. PHFRAN10: Paris Postcard: Pont de Place de Concorde.                                 $8



Item No. PHFRAN11: Paris 1948 Cover to Los Angeles.                                                $9


Item No. PHFRAN12: Paris 1900 Postcard CARTE  PNEUMATIQUE                       $10


Item No. PHFRPOLY01:  AirMail Cover, Papeete, Tahiti; July 23, 1953 to Kansas, MO with 2 fr. sepia and 20 fr. slate .                                                                                       $12


Item No. PHGER01: Germany Deutsches Reich Postcard 20-6-20  with meter cancel   $15 


Item No. PHGER02: Germany Deutsches Reich  1924 Postcard with 5 Pf  Light Green German Eagle.                                                                                                                 $15


Item No. PHGER03: Germany April7, 1934 Registered cover  Berlin- Steglitz to Kansas City with numerous  Bremen transit markings and censor? tape on reverse.                       $60


Item No. PHGIB1: Gibraltar Feb 10 1900 cover to Sandusky, OH tied 2 1/2 d.  ultramarine #14 with 2 CDS and distinct A26 obliterators. Received on reverse with special 13 star and '1'  U.S. flag cancellation and Sandusky CDS.                                                                  $39




Item No. PHGB01: 1848 Stampless entire Arbroath  to Devonport, rectangular blue 'ARBROATH AU 17 1848' date stamp with  fine strike of 'PAID AUG 18 M 1848' circle h/stamp in red. Backstamp Devonport  Aug 17, 1848 and wax seal. Lovely cover.        $175

Image               Image Rear


Item No. PHGB02: Liverpool to London 12 August 1870, with 166 obl. on  penny red  and with original letter.                                                                                                         $195

Image                 Image Rear         Image of Letter


Item No. PHGB03: Letter Card , London to  Paris Nov. 17 1897, tied Victoria Jubilee        1 1/2d. Paris receiving stamp. Letter in French.                                                               $95

Image                            Image of Letter


Item No. PHGB04: 1948 Airletter, Leeds to Chicago.                                                    $10



Item No. PHGB06:  1878 cover  CDS 8 JA 78  Exchange Liverpool to Charleston, SC  via Queenstown tied #67 Pair, pl. #9 with excellent oval 466 obl. on both.                             $90



Item No. PHGB07:  July 1884  cover S.W. to Philadelphia, tied #101 and two oval 9 obl., redirected to New Jersey.                                                                                              $48


Item No. PHGB08:  1873 cover with London E.C. CDS tied #61, pl. #11 appears to be to Kentucky with neat oval obl. #77.                                                                                  $59


Item No. PHGB09: 1865 London E.C. CDS JA 21 65 cover with #43 and sharp E.C. 79 oval obl. on fourpence #43 to Lyons, France. receiving CDS Paris and Lyons on back along with remnants of wax seal. Letter in english translated into French.                                  $125








Image of Front            Image of Reverse
Item No. PHINDIA1: 1889 Q. Victoria  4 annas and 6 pies cover  to Germany via Brindisi with SEAPOST OFFICE franking on reverse dated 4 Jun 89 and Bombay CDS Jun 4 89. Receiving Cassel, Germany CDS  23 6 89.                                                                     $45


Item No. PHINDIA2: Well traveled  1902 Victoria  India Quarter Anna Post Card with numerous frankings -- from Warbangodda on 17 May 02 to Jaunpur 28 May 02, Jaunpur    5. 30. 02, Jodhpur 31 May 02 and Pirar Jun 1 02.                                                         $30


Item No. PHINDIA3: 3 FEB 1939 cover, Muttra to Peru, Indiana tied 3a. 6p. ultramarine Dak camel with cancel: 'Telephone saves time and money'.                                                 $8


Item No. PHINDIA4: 28 Oct 1902 Registered  cover, Calcutta to Digboi, Assam franked Three Annas QV and red sealing wax Bank of Bengal markings on reverse along with Digboi, Lakhimpur  3 NO 02 receiving CDS.                                                                             $25


Item No. PHINDIA5:  H&G #C1 Registered Envelope to Madras Dely 12 Jun 1893, with protective overprint EW & CO, Calicut, Malabar Coast on Reverse & sealed with red wax.                                                                                      $18



Item No. PHINDIANABHA1: 1912 Nabha State -- Quarter Anna postcard overprinted in black : NABHA STATE and with Nabha State crest. CDS  2 AU 12.                              $28


Item No. PHINDTRAVAN1:  Travancore, 1905 cover with VAIKAM and ALLEPPEY cancels tied blue one chuckram, purple 3 chuckrams and orange ten cash.                        $35




Item No. PHIC1: AirMail Cover from Saigon to Maonsieur A. Andre, Secretariat de l'Assembee Representative de l'Inde Francaise, Pondicherry                                             $35



Item No. PHIC2: Similar to PHIC1, with Saigon to Madras notation.                              $35 

Image            ImageReverse


Item No. PHIC3: Cover  to Pondicherry via Madras 7-2-1950                                       $35



Item No. PHIC4: Cover  to Pondicherry via Calcutta 1951                                             $35



Item No. PHIC5: Registered Airmail Cover 17-12-1949 to Pondicherry, T.F.                $39

Image                       ImageReverse



Item No. PHITAL01: Cover  Turin to U.S.A. Jan 30, 1945                                           $12



Item No. PHITAL02: Cover Milan to Syracuse N.Y., 4-9-53                                       $10 



Item No. PHITAL03:  S.S. Leonardo Da Vinci  Maiden Voyage Cover, July 1960 Rome to Eagle Grove, Iowa franked 15 Lira Olympics issue and Special Genova - New York cancel. $20




Item No. AR15:  1960 Aerogramme 15 - V - 60, Moji, Japan to Cicero, Illinois. Missing 1/2 flap on the inside. However, letter is complete.        $7   


Item No. AR16: December 1963 Aerogramme, Kobe, Japan to Beverly Hills, CA                                                                                                                                                   $5


Item No. AR19: Aerogramme, Tokyo, Japan to Ripley, NY                                                                                                                                                                                     $3


Item No. JCVRXX1:  21 VII 58 Roman Letter Sword Guard Cancel, Kagoshima City, Japan to Ashtabula, OH                                                                                                     $10


Item No. JCVRXX2:  Commercial cover, Tokyo to Akron, OH                                                                                                                                                                              $7


Item No. JCVRXX3: Commercial cover, Osaka to Detroit, MI                                                                                                                                                                               $10


Item No. JCVRXX4: Commercial cover, Tokyo to Willow Run, MI                                                                                                                                                                       $18


Item No. JCVRXX5: Imperial Hotel cover with two Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Roman Letter Sword Guard Cancellations, Osaka to Cleveland,OH                                                     $20


Item No. JCVRXX6: 12 - IX - 53  Commercial cover,  with Tokyo Roman Letter Sword Guard Cancellations to Detroit, MI                                                                                 $7


Item No. JCVRXX7: 10 - IX - 52  Cover,  with Yokohama Roman Letter Sword Guard Cancellation to Mentor, OH                                                                                           $7


Item No. JCVRXX8: Cover Shizuoka to Mentor, OH                                                                                                $7


Item No. JCVRXX9: Cover Fukuoka to Mentor,OH                                                                                                                                                                $7


Item No. JCVRXX10: Cover Kawasaki City to Willow Run, MI                                                                                                                                                                            $15


Item No. JCVRXX9: Roman Letter Sword Guard Cancellation Cover, Kisarazu,  Chiba-Ken  to Cleveland,OH                                                                                                     $7



Item No. PHJAPAN00:  Complete set of  1950s  five value Pheasant Airmail and Great Buddha Air mail  set on cover to Luxembourg with TB seal  and special cancel on reverse.  $200


Image of front          Image of reverse

Item No. PHJAPAN01: Japan PPC of Nishi (west) Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, Kyoto. Front and back  English Language CDS: Sannomiya, Kobe, 17.7.06, 2Sen Green on front and 4Sen Pink on reverse, in addition to local Japanese language cancel on 2Sn Green. $95



Item No. PHJAPAN3A: Commemorative PC for visit of Emperor Kang Teh of Manchukuo (Henry Pu-yi) to Tokyo, April 6, 1935 with Musical notes & Orange Sun tied with 1 1/2 sen and 3 s and special commemorative cancel.     $45




Item No. PHJAPAN4:  1917 PPC with view of Matsushima Bay and boats. 2 x 1s orange and one 2 sn green and special cancel                                                                            $16


Item No. PHJAPAN6: An exceptional  cover and piece of history! A Korea cover with 7 Japanese stamps from the  era of  Japanese occupation of Korea. Sent by a Presbyterian missionary in 1937 from Pyengyang to Newark, DE.                                                        $95




Item No. PHJAPAN8: July 27, 1951 Registered commercial cover, Tokyo to Guam.      $45



Item No. PHJAPAN9: September 8, 1951 Registered commercial cover, Tokyo to Guam.                                                                                                                                          $45



Item No. PHJAPAN10: January 1931  Registered Tazawa Cover, Tokio to Washington D.C.                                                                                                                                $70

Image                      Reverse


Item No. PHJAPAN11: October1937  Commercial Cover, Kobe to New York City.  $45                                                                                                                     

Image                      Reverse


Item No. PHJAPAN13: July 4, 1938   Commercial Cover, Kobe  to New York City     $40



Item No. PHJAPAN14: Very old  Japanese Empire Postcard  (repaired) with two 13-10-1892  Meiji Hakodate Japan 25 CDS to Copenhagen. More than 108 years old!! Poor Condition!!                                                                                                            $95



Item No. PHJAPAN15:  1937 Cover, front only, Tokyo to Los Angeles.                        $15



Item No. PHJAPAN16: Koban cover on thin gray rice paper                                       $165

Image                 ImageRear



Item No. PHJAPAN18:  Chrysanthemum cover, registered Kobe to Hungary  Via Siberia and tied  4sen, 6sen and 10 sen with multiple special chops and labels on front and back.$300



Item No. PHJAPAN19: Air Mail Commercial cover, Tokyo to Buenos Aires, Argentina tied with JSDA 240, 261, 262 and censored with: Opened by Mil. Cen. - Civil Mails.             $65


Item No. PHJAPAN51:   1955 cover Tokyo to Mcadoo, PA tied with SC 548, 563 and 616 with Printed Matter and Air Mail markings overstruck and First Class Mail stamping. Hand written "over paid" in red.  Missing small piece of back cover.                                  $35


Item No. PHJAPAN52:  1921 Printed Matter rate envelope 2 sen  Tazawa to Portugal. Scarce destination.                           $15


Item No. PHJAPAN53:  July 9, 1897  Tokio I.J.P.O. postcard to Exeter, England via Vancouver with multiple Exeter receiving CDS and 285 numeral. Unique item.             $59


Item No. PHJAPAN54:  July 11, 1895  Tokio postcard to Cornwall, England via Canada .                                                                                                                                     $39


Item No. PHJAPAN55:  December 12,  1905  postcard  with English language and also Japanese date stamps to Westminster, England, redirected and with 2 different receiving  CDS London S.W. dated JA 18 06.                                                                                     $49


Item No. PHJAPAN56:  April 26, 1906 Postcard from Shiba, Tokyo to Westminster, England, redirected.                                                                                                      $39


Item No. PHJAPAN57: Mar 5, 1897  Tokio I.J.P.O. postcard to Exeter, England via San Francisco with Exeter 5L  AP 3 97 receiving CDS .                                                       $69


Item No. PHJAPAN59:  Local postcard with imprinted address appears to be reply portion of reply PC.                                                                                                                   $19


Item No. PHJAPAN60: 1897 Commemorative postcard with special commemorative cancel for Jubilee of Japan's entry into the UPU.                                                                       $35



Item No. PHJAPAN61:  Local postcard .                                                                      $12 


Item No. PHJAPAN62: April 1909 cover to Westminster, London with MY 13 09 receiving London backstamp.                                                                                                       $29


Item No. PHJAPAN63: Attached Reply Postcard for ordering subscriptions for Sunday School Lesson helps 1902-3. Unique item.                                                                       $59


Item No. PHJAPAN64: APRIL 1 1943  Philippines Occupation Postal Card First Day Cancel on Sakura 16, 18. With Special stamp: Passed by censor Japanese Military Police.                                                                                   $40


Item No. PHJAPAN65:  Japan June 1957 cover from Nagoya Christian Mission to Hogoton, Kansas redirected to Moscow, Kansas.                                                                                                                                                      $28










Item No. PHLAOS04: 25-6-62  Cover, Vientiene to Lansdowne, PA                            $18




Item No. PHMACAU1:  Trans-Pacific Route First Flight Cover Macau to San Francisco with four stamps and hexagonal  Macau  date stamp 28.1V.37                                        $65


MALAYA & Malaysia

Item No. PHMAL1: Kuala Lumpur to Singapore 14 Oct. 38 CDS and "Use Malayan Post Orders", "Don't Post Money" advertisement                                                                    $20



Item No. PHMAL2: Commercial Air Mail Cover  KL to  Toronto, Canada.                     $8



Item No. PHMAL3: 27 Jul 1971 Commercial Air Mail Cover  Sabah to  Toronto, Canada.  franked  with Butterfly issues.                                                                                            $8



Item No. PHMAL4: 6 Dec 82 Air Mail Cover  Sabah to  Sarawak .                                                                      $8            



Item No. PHMAL5: Sarawak, Malaysia  to U.K. Butterfly cover 11 Aug 1978                                                       $8





Item No. PHMANCHU7:  Postcard celebrating Surrender of Russian warships in the Battle of Japan Sea. Special canellation in purple: 38-12-7 ,  T O K I O Triumph of the Manchurian Headquarters. TOKIO  21. 1. 06 CDS. Mailed to Toronto but stamps removed.            $45

Image                                   Image Reverse


Item No. PHMANCHU9:  4 fen on  cover.                                                                    $45








Item No. PHMANCHU20: Commercial cover, 4 fen , Hsinking to Philadelphia 1937.     $35



Item No. PHMANCHU22:  Detailed City Map on Post card.                                        $35



Item No. PHMANCHU23:  Photo: yu shon shan pai fan.                                               $40








Item No. PHNEP1: Cover, Viratnagar to Pokhara, Native paper                                                                                 $18


Item No. PHNEP2: International Year for HUMAN RIGHTS Registered Book Post, By Air Mail First Day Cover to West Germany  October 12, 1968                                                                                                                                           $5

Item No. PHNEP3: Children's Day Cover, Book Post, Air Mail Kathmandu, Nepal to West Germany                          $4   

Item No. PHNEP4: Post Card, Krishna Mandir, Patan, Nepal to Summit County, Colorado, USA                               $9




Item No. PHNED1:  Netherlands 1901 Postcard to Amsterdam.                                      $6



Item No. PHNED2:  Two FDCs Amphilex, one with stamps, other with S/S.                    $6



Item No. PHNED3:  Netherlands 1880 Postcard to Berlin.                                            $18




Item No. PHPALEST01: 17 Feb 1926  CDS Lydda junction tied 13 milliemes blue overprinted PALESTINE cover Jerusalem to Kansas City, MO.                                     $29




Item No. PHPANAMA01:  Early 50's Braniff Airways cover  Tocumen to  Santa Rosa, Argentina                                                                           $6



Item No. PHPERU01: 1950s cover, Lima to Santa Rosa, Argentina.                                $4


Item No. PHPHIL1: 1958 November8 Air Mail cover, Quezon City to NYC.                 $4


Item No. PHPHILIP02:  1954  6c Printed Matter rate cover, Manila to  Beachmont, Mass. $4



Image of PRC Cover
Item No. PHPRC1: 1950  airmail cover  with Yang C26  ($3000) Mao  and Flag  with SOTN Shanghai CDS and Yang R12 $10000 Tien An Men dated 16.10.50 from Shanghai to San Francisco.                                                                                                               $140


Item No. PHPRC2: Cultural Revolution period  cover with Mao thoughts/ slogan on front . Image Front                                                                                                                   $30

Image Reverse


Item No. PHPRC3: Cultural Revolution period domestic red frame interbank cover with Mao quotes and "domestic postage paid" ds. Image Front                                                        $25
Image Reverse


Item No. PHPRC4:   PRC Soccer Cover.                                                                        $8



Item No. PHPRC5: Cultural Revolution Period Cover 1965 to Detroit                            $20



Item No. PHPRC6: Early PRC Cover Airmail to Ont., Canada with embossed cachet    $25



Item No. PHPRC7: 1962 cover addressed in Chinese.                                                    $20



Item No. PHPRC8: Cultural Revolution period Red Band Cover.                                    $40

Image           Image Reverse



Ryukyus Commercial Covers



Item No. PHSAUDI 1:  Air Mail Cover Dhahran, Saudi Arabia to NYC with Red, White & Blue, Pan American World Airways label and excellent frankings.                                    $35


Straits Settlements & Singapore


Item No. PHSTSET3: Registered cover Singapore to San Francisco, 5 May 1938, with mutiple receiving stamps on back, Seattle and San Francisco.                                           $49

Image                    Image Reverse


Item No. PHSTSET4: 1932 Singapore, Straits settlements cover to Long Beach, CA.     $39



Item No. PHSTSET5: 8 Sep  1934 Airmail cover, Singapore to Edinburgh, Scotland tied KGV 5c brown, 10c violet, yel; & 25c. violet & red vio.                                                  $35



Item No. PHSTSET6:  27 September 1938 Straits Settlements cover, Singapore to San Francisco.                                                                                                                        $16


Item No. PHSTSET7:  1948 Registered B.M.A. (British Military Administration) cover , Singapore to New York with NY Reg. 4-28-1948 receiving franks on reverse.                $28


Item No. PHSINGA8: 1970 commercial aerogramme  to Wash. D.C. franked with SC92 30c pink & multi Dragon Dance issue.                                                                              $16


Item No. PHSTSET9: 15 Nov 1934 cover Singapore to  Woodstock, NY  tied pair 1c. black KG V and also10c vio, yellow Straits Settlements.                                                 $18


Item No. PHSTSET10: 15 Nov 1929 commercial cover, Singapore to  New York, NY tied 12c ultra KG V.                                                                                                             $18


Item No. PHSTSET11:  22 Dec 1932 Dollar Steamship Line Cover, S.S. President Pierce, with Penang CDS and 12c ultra KG V to Ft. Worth, Texas.                                             $28


Item No. PHSINGA12: 10 Dec 1958 AirMail  cover, Singapore to Kansas City, Missouri, tied 10c purple and 25c violet blue QE II Singapore Malaya and BUY S.A.T.A. SEALS to FIGHT TB cancellation.                                                                                                 $24


Item No. PHSINGA13: June 1975 Air Mail Commercial Cover, Singapore to Kansas City, KS tied $1 "Kelong" fish traps.                                                                                      $15


Item No. PHROC1:  Chiang Kai Shek SC 1319a  S/S First Day Cover              $35  




Item No. PHROC2:  Red Band cover with SC1079 40c dp green  Pres. Chiang Kai-shek                                                                                                                                            $20




Item No. PHROC4:  Silo Bridge Cover to Hong Kong                                                    $20



Item No. PHROC5:  Commercial cover from Chisan to Schenectady, NY tied with SC 1084 deep carmine  $1.60 President Chiang Kai-shek and SC1102 40c blue green ex-prisoner. $20


Item No. PHROC6:  Rarely seen on cover; SC1139 tied to cover to McAdoo, PA.         $25



Item No. PHROC8: April 4, 1962 Unesco Souvenir Sheet, First Day Cover.               $35



Item No. PHROC9: Taiwan  Cover to Stamford, CT with SC 1487 Lin Sen                 $7


Item No. PHROC10: 1954 Cover, Kaohsiung, Taiwan to Tel- Aviv, Israel tied with President Chiang Kai-Shek SC 1083, $1.40 dp blue.                                                     $25


Item No. PHROC11: 1953  Koxinga cover with $1.00 and $0.40 frankings used on Printed Matter to Dagania, Palestine.                                                                                          $20


Item No. PHROC13:  FDC  used to Tel-Aviv, Israel with 2 X 89c green SC 1433 for 70th Anniversary of founding of the Kuomintang by Sun Yat Sen.    $20

Item No. PHROC14: Cover with  Souvenir Sheets front and back to Athens, GA.                                                        $7



Item No. PHTHAI2:  1952 Siam commercial cover, Bangkok to New York                   $20



Item No. PHTHAI04: 6-12-52 Airmail Cover, Korat to Minnesota. Siam & Thai franks $16

Image       Image Back


Item No. PHTHAI05: Airmail Cover to Minnesota. Siam & Thai franks                          $16

Image       Image Back


Item No. PHTHAI06: Comercial Cover with Siam franks,  30-11-49  CDS Bangkok to Black River Falls. International Air Mail, PANAM Logo                                                  $24



Item No. PHTHAI07: Comercial Cover with Siam franks,  30-11-49  CDS Bangkok to Osawatomie, Kansas. International Air Mail, PANAM Logo.                                          $24



Item No. PHTHAI09: 10-Oct. 62 International Letter Writing Week Cover                     $7



Item No. PHTHAI10: 1965 Registered  Commercial Airmail Cover, Phrakanong to Minneapolis                                                                                                                   $16



Item No. PHTHAI15: Commercial cover to Columbus, OH.                                            $7



Item No. PHTHAI17: 1972 Registered Commercial cover to Dayton, OH                       $7



Item No. PHTHAI22: First Day Cover. SEATO, 8 September  1960                              $7



Item No. PHTHAI23:  Siam/ Thailand cover to Philadelphia.                                          $15


Item No. PHTHAI25:   1970s Cover to Bartlesville, OK.                                                $6 



Item No. PHTHAI26:   May 1962 domestic usage  cover .                                              $6 



Item No. PHTHAI27:  Cover to Minneapolis with SIAM franks.                                    $15


Item No. PHTHAI28:  Cover to Camden, Delaware.                                                      $7



Item No. PHTHAI29:  Cover to New York.                                                                    $7



Item No. PHTHAI30:  Cover to Concord, Mass.                                                            $7



Item No. PHTHAI31:  Cover to Bartlesville, OK.                                                           $9

Image                            ImageBack


Item No. PHTHAI32:  Cover to Nags Head, NC                                                            $8


Item No. PHTHAI33: Air Mail  Cover to Helsinki, Finland                                              $7



Item No. PHTHAI34: Air Mail  Cover to Calremont, NH                                               $7



Item No. PHTHAI35: First Day Cover. National Costumes of Thai Women                   $9


Item No. PHTHAI36:   Domestic usage  cover .                                                           $5



Item No. PHTHAI37: Air Mail  Cover to Essex, England                                              $7



Item No. PHTHAI38: Air Mail  Cover to Des Moines, IA                                           $7



Item No. PHTHAI39: 1961 Registered Air Mail  Philatelic Cover to Canada.               $24



Item No. PHTHAI40:  3 October 1960  Children's Day, First Day Cover  used to Zurich .  $7


Item No. PHTHAI41:  Air Mail cover to Hazleton, PA.                                                    $7



Item No. PHTHAI43:   1953 Air Mail Commercial Cover,  Siam and Thailand King Rama Franks, Bangkok to Bridgeport, CT.                                                                              $35



Item No. PHTHAI45:  8-11-52 Commercial Cover to Bridgeport, CT tied Siam and Thailand King Rama franks.                                                                                             $35


Item No. PHTHAI46: June 30 1947 Pan American World Airways First Clipper Air Mail Flight Bangkok to San Francisco cover tied 30  6 47  Bangkok G.P.O.  CDS 5s King Ananda Mahidul, 15s dp. bl & gray blk Plowing Rice Field, and 3B King Prajadhipok.    $35

Item No. PHTHAI47:  Registered Air Mail Commercial Business Reply Cover, Bangkok to Shawnee Mission, KS, USA with Jun 2 1975 Receiving  backstamp                                                                                                                        $15

Item No. PHTHAI48: Commercial Postcard, Bangkok to Chicago                                                                                 $3

Item No. PHTHAI49: Commercial AirMail cover to Madison, TN, USA                                                                       $3

Item No. PHTHAI51: SIAM Air Mail cover to New York , USA                                                                       $18

Item No. PHTHAI52: King Prajadhipok cover to New York City,  USA                                                             $12

Item No. PHTHAI54:   FDOI 5th May 1950 Commemorating the CORONATION of H.M. the King, PHUMIPHON ADULDET                                                                                                                                                          $25

Item No. PHTHAI55:  Cover Bangkok to Richmond, VA                                                                                       $5


Item No. PHTHAI56: 1978 Aerogramme   to  Springfield, MA                                                                                $5

Item No. PHTHAI57: 1974 Dance FDC to Sarasota, FL                                                                                         $5

Item No. PHTHAI58: 1983 UN Day & Orchids                                                                                                      $4

Item No. PHTHAI59: Cover to Harrison, NJ with multiple 1 BAHT Candle Dance issue                                        $12

Item No. PHTHAI60: 1970 Cover to Harrison, NJ with multiple 1 BAHT  Population Census issue                          $12


Item No. PHTHAI61: Cover to Harrison, NJ with multiple 1 BAHT Marriage Ceremony & Nohra Dance Issue                                                                                                                                                                         $12

Item No. PHTHAI62: Cover to Harrison, NJ with multiple 50ST. and 1 BAHT Candle Dance issue                          $12

Item No. PHTHAI63: Floating Market scenery pc to Memphis, TN                                                                            $5


S. Viet Nam

Item No. PHSVN01: 1960 Registered Cover, Saigon  to Washington State              $15

Image                               Image Rear


Item No. PHSVN03:  4-7-1960 SC132-3 FDC to Cholon                                        $7



Item No. PHSVN04:  1966 Scout stamp on cover to Minnesota                                $7



Item No. PHSVN05:  1968 9pi on cover to Minnesota                                              $5




Item No. PHSVN07:   1955 cover to  Ithaca, NY cancelled at Wash. D.C. -- Diplomatic usage.      $20.


North Viet Nam

Item No. PHNVN01:  Women in Space Imperf  Vostok Flights FDC                       $25



Item No. PHNVN02: Hanoi to Paris , 1964 Cover                                                   $16

Image                      Image Rear


Item No. PHNVN03: Registered Air Mail Cover, Cholon to Hong Kong 06-11-87    $25

Image                      Image Rear


Item No. PHNVN04: Registered Air Mail Cover, Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong, 25-07-87                                                                                                                        $25

Image                      Image Rear


Item No. PHNVN05: Registered Air Mail Cover, Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong, 08-10-87                                                                                                                        $19

Image                      Image Rear







Jan. 4, 1893 E2 SPECIAL DELIVERY RPO Cover : Canandiagua, NY to Detroit, MI with E2 tied on W316 and NY & Chicago RPO Jan 7 TR3 cancel reverse.    Click on mini images for full image.                                                       





 Chester, PA., October 14, 1863 CDS w/ barred killers ties 63  vert strip of 3 to orange cover addressed to New Orleans, LA                                                            



Item No. PHUS73NYC1869 

 New York April 20, 1869 postmark ties 73 with fancy cancel on cover addressed to Yorkville, NY. VF                                                           




 1939 Baseball Centennial FDC 6-12-39,  COOPERSTOWN, NY                                                                       $25



Item No. PHUS727FDC:

 Hasbrouck House, Washington's Headquarters, Newburgh, NY  FDC 4-19-33                                                          $3



Item No. PHUS856FDC: 

Panama Canal Silver Anniversary. U.S.S. Charleston, Canal Zone, Aug 15, 1939                                                       $12



Item No. PHUS785-9FDC: 

West Point FDC 5-26-37,  West Point, NY                                                                                                              $15



Item No. PHUS657FDC:   2c Sullivan Expedition FDC 6-17-29 Waterloo, NY                                                          $3  


Item No. PHUS682FDC:   2c Mass Bay Colony  FDC 4-8-30 Salem, Mass.                                                          $3  


Item No. PHUS683FDC:   2c Carolina Charleston FDC 4-10-30 Charleston, SC                                                       $3  


Item No. PHUS689FDC:   2c von Steuben  FDC 9-17-30 New York, NY                                                          $3.50  


Item No. PHUS734FDC:   5c Kosciuszko FDC 10-13-33 Pittsburgh, PA (Only 6,282 issued)                            $25.00  


Item No. PHUS738FDC:   Mothers of America  FDC 5-2-34 Washington D.C.                                                        $3  


Item No. PHUS778FDC:   TIPEX Souvenir Sheet  FDC 5-9-36 , TIPEX Cancel                                                     $7  


Item No. PHUS784FDC:   Susan B. Anthony FDC 8-26-36                                                                                   $7  


Item No. PHUS657FDC:   3c. Hawaii FDC 10-18-37 Honolulu, HI                                                                         $8  


Item No. PHUS802FDC:   3c Virgin Islands  FDC                                                                                                    $7  


Zeppelin Covers


Item No. PHUSZEPP1: Graf Zeppelin Round the World Flight from Lakehurst, NJ. August 29, 1929                                                                              $50  

Front Image

 Back Image


Item No. PHUSZEPP2: Graf Zeppelin Round the World Flight from Lakehurst, NJ.

August 29, 1929. Airmail cover addressed to Hokkaido, Japan.                        $95  






Item No. CVRBIRDS01: 1990 RSPCA  34p on cover, Dumfries UK to Colo Springs, CO.                             $2


Item No. CVRBIRDS02: 1989  New Zealand 3 - 50c Kingfishers on cover, Auckland to Colo Springs, CO.   $2


Item No. CVRBIRDS03: 1990  New Zealand 50c Kingfisher and $1 Kokako on cover, Rotorua  to Colo Springs, CO.   $3


Item No. CVRBIRDS04:  New Zealand 3 - 10c Banded Dotterel and 3- 40c Brown Kiwi on cover to Colo Springs, CO.   $3


Item No. CVRBIRDS05:  Vatican  2 Rubbicilli Pivoine  --- a Bullfinch on cover to Colo Springs, CO.   $3               


Item No. CVRBIRDS06: 1990 RSPCA  34p on cover, Cardiff UK to Colo Springs, CO.                                    $3

Item No. CVRBIRDS07: 2001 Argentina Condors and penguin on cover                                                             $3




Item No. CVRBFLIES02: India commercial cover to Athens, GA, USA                                                                        $3


Item No. CVRBFLIES03: China ROC Taiwan Protected Butterfies                                                                              $5

Item No. CVRBFLIES04: China ROC Taiwan Protected Butterfies                                                                              $5


Item No. CVRXMAS01: 1967 UK Mint Aerogramme: Partridge in a pear tree.                                                     $7



Item No. CVRXMAS02: Three kngs bearing gifts. UK Mint Aerogramme:                                                   $7


Item No. CVRXMAS04: 6d  Christams UK Mint Aerogramme                                                                    $7



Item No. CONCA471: LUPOSTA 77 XVII. - FISA KONGRESS  Berlin - Bengurion Flughafen            

50 Jahre I A P C  20. 8. 1977                                                                                                           $10


Item No. CONCA472: Internationale Luftpost - Ausstellung LUPOSTA 77 XVII. - FISA KONGRESS  

50 Jahre Lindbergh Transatlantik- Flug  20. 8. 1977                                                                        $20


Item No. CONCA473: Internationale Luftpost BERLIN 12    LUPOSTA 77 XVII. - FISA KONGRESS  

50 Jahre Lindbergh Transatlantik- Flug  20. 8. 1977                                                                        $10


Item No. CONCA474: I A P C Luftpost Ausstellung BERLIN 12      13. 10. 1979                               $10


Item No. CONCA475: 75th Anniverary of first Airplane, Concorde Gutter Pair  Ghana FDC                 $10


Item No. CONCA476: 75th Anniverary of first Airplane, Concorde Gutter Pair  Ghana FDCs (2)          $15


Item No. CONCA477: 75th Anniverary of first Airplane, Concorde  Ghana FDCs (2)   with CAPEX 78      

Overprints. 2 covers, one with perf set and one with imperf stamps                                                         $15


Item No. CONCA479:  100th Ann. of Death of Sir Rowland Hill. Grenada 1979 FDC with Transportation

stamps including Concorde.                                                                                                                    $7


Item No. CONCA480:  International Airmail Exhibition Manchester 1973 APEX FDC Guernsey, Channel  

Islands                                                                                                                                                   $9


Item No. CONCA481: LUPO 72  Budapest - Zurich Sonderflug.  April 23, 1972                             $10


Item No. CONCA482:  LEGIPOSTA, Budapest  1977.  2  First Day Covers                                       $14


Item No. CONCA483: France Club Aerophilatelique Concorde Expo Aerophilatelique 67 Strasbourg        $15


Item No. CONCA486: G B Concorde GPO 1st day cover  3 mar 1969  London. Signed & postmarked

by  Her Majesty's Postmaster General                                                                                                         $7


Item No. CONCA487: Cameroun Concorde Souvenir Sheet  First Day Cover 20 May 1977.                      $7


Item No. CONCA488: France. SUP' AERO 5 ans.a Toulose 1974                                                                $7


Item No. CONCA489: France.  Marignane Cancel 1975                                                                                    $5


Item No. CONCA490: France Club Aerophilatelique Concorde Expo Aerophilatelique 4 Nov 1979  Strasbourg Concorde 001 F-WTSS Premiere Vol A Mach 2                                                                                     $15


Item No. CONCA491: France  2 Mars 1979 10 Ans Deja Club Aerophilatelique Concorde                         $8


Item No. CONCA492: France  Club Aerophilatelique Concorde, Marignane 2-6-79                                   $8


Item No. CONCA493: France. Base Aerienne 128. 17-6-1979 Journee Portes Ouvertes 17 -6 -1979         $18


Item No. CONCA494: Concorde Aerogramme New Hebrides - Nouvelle Hebrides Condominium               $18


Item No. CONCA495: Concorde Aerogramme New Hebrides - Nouvelle Hebrides Condominium  First Day Cover   Port Vila 1st July 1977                                                                                                                                      $18


Item No. CONCA496: Concorde Aerogramme New Hebrides -  Condominium Des Nouvelle Hebrides               $18


Item No. CONCA497: Concorde Aerogramme New Hebrides -  Condominium Des Nouvelle Hebrides  First Day Cover   Port Vila 9 8 78.                                                                                                                     $20           


Item No. CONCA498: United Nations Air Mail Pre-Stamped Envelope FDC  Jan 10 1975                                  $4


Item No. CONCA500: France Aerogramme Club Aerophilatelique Concorde Expo Aerophilatelique 4 Nov 1979 Strasbourg                                                                                                                                                     $15


Item No. CONCA504: United Nations 1968 13cAir Letter Sheet First Day of Issue     New York May 31 1968     9 


Item No. CONCA505: United Nations  Aerogramme Geneva Fs 0.65                                                                   $15


Item No. CONCA506: 75th Anniversary of First Powered Flight. 1978 FDC Pakistan                                           $12


Item No. CONCA543: Nicolas Copernic. 2 Space Covers . Khmer Republic.FDC 10 Sep 1974                          $9



Item No. CVRCYCLING01:  Australia 2 x 41c cycling , Hobart, Tasmania  to Colo. Springs, CO., USA                      $4



Item No. PHEUROPA01: Registered Cover with strip of 5 Germany 1975 Europa   from Frankfurt to Shawnee Mission, Kansas, U.S.A.                                                                                                                                                            $10

Item No. PHEUROPA02: Airmail post card  La Cathedrale et l'Athenee with Luxembourg  6F 1965 Europa   from Luxembourg to Luisburg, Kansas,  U.S.A.                                                                                                                                                            $10

Item No. PHEUROPA03: Europa First Day Cover Jersey  issued 1st March 1979                                                       $8

Item No. PHEUROPA04: Commercial  Cover  Germany  Europa   from Baden  to Menlo Park, NJ, U.S.A.                $9


Item No. CVRFLOWERS01: Luxembourg 6-12-1976 First Day Cover, CARITAS 1976 Protected Plants. Cephalenthera Rubra, Narcissus Pseudonarcissus & Gentiana Ciliata.                                                                       $4



Item No. CVRINSECTS01: Singapore commercial cover to Illinois with 2 x 50c Shield Bug,  Catacanthus nigripes $8



Item No. CVRMOTORCYCLES01:  Historic Motorcycles Germany / Berlin  4 -1983 First Day Covers.        $10


Item No. CVRMOTORCYCLES02:  Historic Motorcycles Germany / Berlin  4 -1983 First Day Covers.        $10


Item No. CVROLYMPICS01-3:  Montreal 1976 Canada 3rd Olympic Series Semi Postals. 3  FDCs 17.1V.74   $7


Item No. CVROLYMPICS04:  India commercial cover with XXIII Olympic Gymnast                                         $3

Item No. CVROLYMPICS05:  1972 Sapporo Olympics Bob sled Air Mail cover with EUROPAAFRIQUE from Dakar, Senegal to Topeka, Kansas, USA.                                                                                                                                $6

Item No. CVROLYMPICS06:  Unique XIV Olympiad First  Day Cover. Olympic Games WEMBLEY, Great Britain 1948                                                                                                                                                                             $24

Item No. CVROLYMPICS07:  1956 Olympics First Day XVI Olympics, Bulgaria                                                      $12


Item No. CVRRUGBY01: Fiji Official First Day Cover, Rugby Union Diamond Jubilee 1973.                           $8


Item No. CVRSPORTS01: 1963 German DDR cover issued to commemorate sportsmen victims of the Nazis. $12



Item No. CVRWWF01: WWF World Wildlife Fund For Nature. Official First Day Cover 18.4.1988  Lemurien Indri Indri  $7


Item No. CVRWWF02: WWF World Wildlife Fund For Nature. Official First Day Cover 18.4.1988  Lemurien Hapalemur Simus                                                                                                                                                                      $7


Item No. CVRWWF03:WWF World Wildlife Fund. Official First Day Cover 18.4.1988  Lemurien Varecia Variegata  Variegata                                                                                                                                                $7


Item No. CVRWWF04: WWF World Wildlife Fund For Nature. Official First Day Cover 18.4.1988  Lemurien Propithecus Diadema Diadema                                                                                                                                                   $7


Item No. CVRWWF05: WWF World Wildlife Fund For Nature. Official First Day Cover Mar 31 1986 Marshall Islands.

Coconut Crab. Birgus latro.                                                                                                                             $7


Item No. CVRWWF06: WWF World Wildlife Fund For Nature. Official First Day Cover Mar 31 1986 Marshall Islands.

Small Giant Clam. Tridacna maxima                                                                                                                    $7


Item No. CVRWWF07: WWF World Wildlife Fund For Nature. Official First Day Cover Mar 31 1986 Marshall Islands.

Giant Clam. Tridacna gigas                                                                                                                            $7


Item No. CVRWWF08: WWF World Wildlife Fund For Nature. Official First Day Cover Mar 31 1986 Marshall Islands.

Triton's Trumpet. Charonia tritonis                                                                                                                   $7


Item No. CVRWWF09: WWF World Wildlife Fund For Nature. Brasil 84 WWF Woolly Spider Monkey used on pc to Illinois.




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